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S2705 A Bow plate painted with bouquets and sprays of puce , blue and yellow flowers within a chocolate lined wavy and shaped rim.
Circa 1762
Width 8 3/4"
Price Guide : C

S2778: A rare Worcester chestnut basket , cover & stand of lobed oval shape and with crab stock handles with applied flower & leaves. Marked with x1x and a B
Circa 1768 Width of stand 9 3/4

Price Guide : F

Bow octagonal plate with famille rose decoration

S2946: A Worcester Giles decorated ribbed and barrel shaped tea pot with the simple but elegant Queens pattern.The knop is a single rose with a stem and two leaves lying flat.
Unmarked Circa 1770 H. 5 1/2”
Price Guide : B

S2950: A fine Longton Hall strawberry plate. The moulded edge with green leaves with puce veins and red berries. The centre with finely painted floral sprays and sprigs.
Unmarked Circa 1765 W.8 1/2”
Price Guide : D

Worcester dessert plate
S1990:  Worcester dessert plate with the on glaze print in black of "The Milkmaids".  With a scalloped edge and gilt rim. Unmarked
Circa 1765
Ex Amos Collection
Price code: E
Rare small sized Worcester basket with fret cut sides and a brown rim.
S2590 : A Worcester “ Blind Earl” dish with gilt dentil rim and painted in the dry blue manner with scattered sprays.
Unmarked Circa 1765
Diam. 6”

Price Guide F

S2280: A finely potted Worcester
tea bowl and saucer
pencilled in black with the "Boy on a buffalo" pattern
Unmarked Circa 1758

Price code: F

S2290: A Worcester plate painted in bright enamels with the "Dragons in Compartments" pattern.
Unmarked Circa 1770
W 8 1/2"

Price code: E

S2902 : A Chelsea porcelain silver shaped dish simply decorated with floral bouquets and sprigs and with a brown lined rim.
Stilt marks
Brown anchor mark Circa 1755
Width 10"
Price Guide : C

S2295: A Bow bell shaped mug with a grooved handle and painted with a bouquet of flowers beneath a flower scroll and diaper border.
Unmarked Circa 1765
Height 3 3/4"

Price code: F

S2307: A Worcester tea bowl and saucer of fluted form and finely painted with English garden flowers.
Fret mark Circa 1770

Price code: E

S2782: A Samson hard paste porcelain chestnut basket and stand copying the Worcester model of the 1780’s.
“gold anchor” mark
Samson of Paris
Circa 1850
Width of stand 11
Price Guide: D

S2304: A Worcester bell shaped mug of small size and finely painted with floral bouquets and sprigs. A grooved handle is gilt decorated and gilt lines to rim and base.
Unmarked Circa 1770
Height 3 1/2"
Price code: E

S2629: A finely decorated Chelsea moulded edge oval shaped dish painted with a rose and a tulip and with other garden flowers.
Brown line to rim.
Red Anchor mark
Circa 1760
Width 9 3/4”
Price Guide : E
S2785: A rare Worcester deep plate decorated in the famille verte palette with birds in a garden and a fir tree to the centre and with a green border containing Ho-Ho birds
Unmarked Circa 1775 Width 10

Price code: F
S2813: A fine Worcester cup and saucer printed and painted with the “Red Bull” pattern and a red line border to the inside of the cup and edge of saucer.
Unmarked Circa 1762
Price Code : E

S2814: A Bow octagonal plate with a moulded prunus border and decorated in the famille rose style with a flowering bush to the centre and further scattered flowers to the rim.
Unmarked Circa 1758 Diam. 9”
Price Code : D

S2671: A fine pair of Derby frill vases of exceptional quality. With swags of finely modeled flowers hanging from cherubic faces capped with a pink bow.Fret cut top with blue & yellow florets to the intersections.
Patch marks
Circa 1765
Height 7"
Price Guide F

S2911 : A deep Worcester saucer dish with fluted sides and brightly painted with the " Fan Pattern" in the Arita style
Mock oriental marks Circa 1775
Width 8 1/4 "
Price Guide : C

S2789: A Caughley basket of oval form with pierced sides, rope and floral handles and with applied flower-heads to the exterior. The centre with a floral and leaf spray within floral swags
Unmarked Circa 1789 Width 10
Price code: C

S2815: A Worcester moulded and cabbage leaf shaped plate with puce veins and painted with scattered floral sprays and with cherries, plums, peaches and berries and foliage in the Giles manner. Gilt edge.
Unmarked Circa 1765 Width 13 1/2”
Price Code : E

S2395: A rare Chamberlains Worcester cup and saucer unusually decorated with a bands of yellow and pink grounds divided by gilt bands and painted with fancy birds probably by Dr. Davis
Unmarked Circa 1795

Price code: F
S2957: A Chelsea red anchor plate with a wavy moulded edge and nicely painted with sprigs and sprays of flowers.
Mark red anchor Circa 1757
Width 8 1/4”
Price Guide : B

S2429: A Worcester tea pot with a button knop and a shaped handle. painted with pink and gilt flowers and sprays and gilt decoration to rims, handle & spout.
Unmarked Circa 1780 
Height 5 1/4”
Price code: E

S2432: A Worcester mug finely printed in black on glaze with the “ Whitton Anglers” to one side and the, seldom found “Minuet” to the other.
Whitton Anglers from an engraving by William Wollett and The Minuet is after a design by Francis Hayman Unmarked Circa 1760
Height 6”
Price code: F

P2: A Worcester tea cup and saucer decorated by James Giles. It is of fluted form and painted in a soft turquoise with gilt edges and gilt decoration to the shaped handle.
Fret mark Circa 1765

Price code: E

P3: A Worcester tea bowl and saucer brightly painted with floral sprays and sprigs. Line , dot and loop borders.
Unmarked Circa 1765

Price code: E

S2444: A Worcester “high Chelsea ewer” creamer finely painted in the Kakiemon manner in the “Scarlet Japan” pattern with orange and gilt panels dividing panels of floral painting.
Unmarked Circa 1765
Height 3 1/2”
Price code: E

S2965: A Worcester blue scale lozenge shaped wavy edged dish with gilt reserves containing sprigs and bouquets of flowers.
Chinese style hatch mark Circa 1770
Width 10 1/2 “
Price Guide : C

S2484: A Richard Chaffers moulded sauce boat painted in underglaze blue and overglaze green,red and gilt with an Oriental garden scene to either side.
A floral medallion to the inside base.
Circa 1760 
Length 6 3/4”
Price code: E

S2914 : A Worcester tea bowl and saucer with Hancock prints of The Tea party no.2 and the Maid and Page to the bowl and the Tea Party no.2 to the saucer.
Unamrked Circa 1760
Price Guide : C

S2573: Lowestoft tea bowl and saucer painted with the “ Dolls House ‘ pattern
Circa 1780
Price Guide : B

S2915 ; A very rare Worcester fluted tea bowl and saucer finely printed in black with flowers and leaves including convolvulus , rose bud and others. Black line to the edges.
Unmarked Circa 1770
See V & A Schreiber Collection
Price Guide : D

S2818: A rare Worcester mug printed in a lilac colour with a rare variation of Hancocks prints of Milking Scene No 1 and the Rural Lovers to the other side
Circa 1765 Height 6”
Price Code F 

S2967: A Lowestoft tea bowl and saucer brightly painted with a fence , rock and peony in the Redgrave style.
Unmarked Circa 1780
Price Guide : B

S3008: A finely decorated Chelsea Derby plate from the Duke of Northumberland service , commissioned to celebrate his marriage in 1779. Probably painted by Edward Withers
Anchor mark Width 8 1/2’
Price Guide : D

S2824: A Lowestoft tea bowl painted with floral sprays and with a green line edge to inside the bowl.
Unmarked Circa 1790
Price Code : A 

S2707 A Chamberlain decorated tea bowl and saucer painted with the "Hunting in compartments" pattern. Possibly Caughley porcelain.
Unmarked. pattern no. 9
Circa 1795
Price Guide : B

C 102 : A Bow plate with an outlined printed scene and coloured with two Chines ladies , a child and a dog in a garden. Further decoration to the border.
Chocolate brown rim.

Unmarked Circa 1763 Width 9”

Price Code : D

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