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S2773: A nicely shaped New Hall plate with a fancy bow handle. Moulded flowers in white with a blue and gilt ground and painted to the centre with a scene “Dr Syntax loses his money on the race ground at York”.
Pattern 2623 Circa 1820 Diam. 8 1/2
Price Code: D

S2398: A fine Spode teapot and stand painted with a bright palette in the famille rose manner with ducks and flowers and with gilt decoration to edges,handle and spout.
Printed Spode mark. Pattern no. 2957
Circa 1820
Price Code: E

S2857 : A rare Coalport letter rack with a painted view of an English country house to the front below a crenelated gilt border. The back and bottom parts painted pink with gilt floral moulding.
Society of Arts mark Circa 1820
Width 6 1/2"
Price Guide : A

S2858 : A very decorative Minton plate with a gilt edged reticulated border surrounding a blue and gilt framed cartouche painted with a Newfoundland dog by Henry Mitchell.
Minton Goode & Co. mark Circa 1870
Diam. 10" Pattern
Price Guide : B

S2788: A large bone china porcelain jug with six sides of an inverted baluster form with gilt edges and borders and painted with sprays of flowers to four panels.
“Presented to Baillie Darling as a small token of respect Kelso June 10th 1845” - 'bailie' being a Scottish word for a magistrate.
Unmarked Circa 1845 Height 8
Price Code: B

S2940: A richly decorated Chamberlain cup and saucer with gilt gadrooned edges.
Unmarked Pattern no 298 Circa 1820.
Price Guide : B

S2791: A fine Derby plate with a gilt framed pale blue border and decorated to the centre with the “two quail “ pattern.
Impressed mark and printed mark. Also Tiffany & Co.
Circa 1880 Width 8 3/4

Price Code: B

S2635 : A Spode miniature jug brightly painted in polychrome with Chinese figures in a garden.
Spode pattern 3644
Circa 1820
Height 1 3/4”
Price Guide : A

A Brown- Westhead, Moore & Co. cup
S2942: A rare Worcester parian inkwell “Aristo” with the round bodied inkwell supported by three monopodial females with lion paw feet and the bowl with three male faces all supported on an incurved triangular base. The lid with a cherub and three classical heads. Gilt lined
Unmarked Circa 1855 Height 6 1/4”
Price Guide : C

S2299 : A Worcester, Flight Barr & Barr, rare Etruscan shaped cup and saucer with an angular handle and beautifully painted with a Chinese garden scene.
Impressed FBB & crown
Circa 1820
Price Code: C 

S2639: A fine Spode miniature jug and basin in a decoratively octagonal shape. It has a claret coloured ground and has tooled gilt decoration of birds amongst foliage.
Spode 3993
Circa 1825
Width of bowl 2 1/4”
Price Guide : B

S2327: Spode vase with fine quality raised gilding of birds and foliage on a claret ground
Mark Spode Pattern 3993 
Circa 1825

Price Code: D

S2391: A Spode bone china bute shaped cup and saucer richly decorated with New Hall’s pattern number 556.
The saucer base having a family crest.
Unmarked Circa 1820
Price Code: B

S2206: A fine pair of Minton plates with moulded borders in green and gilt surrounding small vignettes of flowers. the centre delightfully painted with flowers and fruit by Thomas Steele.
Unmarked Circa 1830 Width 9"
Price Code: F

S2862 : A New Hall coffee can and saucer decorated with the "Boy and butterfly" pattern.
Decorators mark pattern 421
Price Guide : A

S2395: A rare Chamberlains cup and saucer unusually decorated with a bands of yellow and pink grounds divided by gilt bands and painted with fancy birds probably by Dr. Davis
Unmarked Circa 1795

Price Code: F

S2388: A very fine Minton cup and saucer. The saucer with a deep blue ground and the well and border with tooled gilt decoration. The cup similarly decorated and fully gilt to the inside.
The is a a family crest to the cup of an eagle with a sprig of myrtle.
Minton crown & globe mark
Pattern no. G 4056 Circa 1880
Price Code: D

S2947: A Coalport oval bodied creamer with a band of gilt and red flowers and a further floral gilt band below
Unmarked Circa 1800 H 4 “
Price Guide : A

S2435: A fine Swansea porcelain cup and saucer with Paris fluted moulding and a high curved loop handle with a gilt border.
Swansea mark in red
Circa 1815
Price Code: D

S2903 : A rare C & S painted with Dr Syntax scenes... the saucer with him at his desk and the well of the cup with him walking in the country and reading a book.The borders with blue ,lemon and gilt. Figure 7 type handle
Blue V Factory Circa 1820
Price Guide : A

S2742: A Spode enveloped shape armorial plate with a moulded white floral border on an orange ground.The arms are for The Duke and Marquess Hamilton,Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale,earl of Angus,Duke of Brandon and Baron of Dutton 7 Duke of Chatelherault.
Circa 1820
diam. 9”
Price Guide : B

S2690: A fine Spode perfume bottle listed in Spode's shape book as New Shape Lizard Bottle decorated with tooled gilt birds and foliage on a crimson ground.
Spode Pattern 3993
Circa 1825
Height 4"
Price Guide : C

S2691: A S2691: Spode Incense Burner decorated with tooled gilt birds and foliage on a crimson ground.
Spode pattern 3993
Circa 1825
Height 4 1/2”
Price Guide : B

S2905 : A fine Derby cup and saucer decorated in the Sevres style on a gily lined mazarin blue ground and with tooled gilt reserves containing painting of birds in landscape. probably by Horatio Steele.
Crown & D mark Circa 1820
Price Guide : B

S2727:  A rare Copeland plate in the Chelsea silver shape form and painted to the centre with a scene from Aesops fables  of the Fox & Grapes.
Copeland mark 
Circa  1860
Diam. 9"
price Guide : B

S2713: A fine Graingers Worcester trio bearing the arms and motto for the Anketells. The motto “vade ad formic an” . William Anketell, of Anketell Grove, County Monaghan, Ireland, was the son of Lt.-Col. Matthew Anketell and Mary Norris. He married Sarah Maxwell, daughter of Lt.-Col. John Charles Frederick Waring Maxwell, on 23 June 1809. On 20 November 1828, he became the head of the Ancketill/Anketell family, succeeding his uncle, Charles Anketell. He held various offices of High Sheriff in 1830, Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.), and Justice of the Peace (J.P.).
Circa 1850
Printed mark
Price Guide : B

S2798: A Minton plate with a reticulated gilt and silvered border .The deep blue ground colour painted in gilt and silver ( platinum) with leaves ,berries and insects.
Retailed for Mortlocks
Circa 1875 Diam 9 1/2”
Price Code : B

S2953: A fine quality Nantgarw soup plate with a moulded and gilt edge and painted with sprays of flowers in a monochrome cornflower blue.
Impressed mark Circa 1818
Width 9 1/2”
Price Guide : D

S2812: A Maws invalid feeding cup which is spirally fluted with alternating flutes of blue and gilt and white and gilt.
Impressed mark MAWS Circa 1890
Price Code : A


S2823:  A New Hall tea bowl & saucer painted with a basket of flowers to the saucer and base of the tea bowl and with dot and line border and floral sprigs
Pattern No 171 Circa 1805
Price Code A

S2828: A fine quality Brown -Westhead Moore cup and saucer with gilt rims and the interesting twisted rope handle and painted with vine branches , leaves and bunches of grapes.
Registration lozenge foe 1868
Pattern number C 6114
Price Code : A


S2792: A Spode lizard shaped perfume bottle and stopper painted in an Imari stlyed pattern.
Spode and pattern No 1645
Circa 1820 Height 4 1/4”
Price Code : C

S2907 : A possibly, Caughley or Coalport cup and saucer and decorated at Mansfield with an octagonal gilt reserve containing a group of coloured flowers and a gilt laurel border and giltrims.
Billingsley decoration?
Circa 1800
Price Guide : C


S2908 : A fine quality Spode "new French shape" vase decorated in the popular pattern 967.
Marked Spode 967 in red
Circa 1806
Height 7 1/2"
Price Guide : B

S2968: A Graingers Worcester creamer in the new gadroon shape. The top edge moulded with flowers and decorated in gilt the body with purple , gilt and pink lyre shaped decoration.
Unmarked Circa 1820 Height 4 “
Price Guide : A


S2920: A London shaped porcelain creamer with a spur handle printed and painted with " Faith" and " Hope" to either side.
Unmarked Circa 1825
Height 4 1/4"
Price Guide : A

S2928: A small sized pink lustre porcelain mug printed to the front with an image of Nuneham Courtenay in Oxfordshire
Unamarked Circa 1820
Possibly Rathbone Height 2 3/8"
Price Guide A

S2969: A fine and rare pair of Spode perfume bottles decorated on a green ground with a tooled gilt peacock like bird in a multi branched tree. A spread flat gilt base and a stopper which is a spire shape and eight fluted facets.
Spode in red and pattern number 4759
Circa 1835 Height 7 1/2”
Price Guide : D

S2973: A Royal Worcester plate with profusely gilded decoration to the borders and cavetto and with a fine spray of flowers to the centre painted by W. Hale
R.W mark Circa 1930 Width 8 1/4”
Price Guide : A

S2974: A fine quality Nantgarw dessert plate from a service presented to the American Art Gallery in 1948. Richly gilded and painted with a fine spray of flowers by London decorators.Illustrated in W D Johns Nantgarw album Impressed mark
Diam. 8 1/2” Circa 1818
Price Guide : F

S2916: A Hilditch porcelain cup and saucer decorated with the “Eskimo Child” pattern in blue.
Wreath & Crown mark Circa 1825
Price Guide A

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