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S2810: A Yardley Lavender Lady figure showing a mother and her two young girls as lavender sellers.Based on Wheatleys Primrose Sellers from his cries of London.”Yardleys Old English Lavender” in gilt to the base
Dresden Circa 1910 Height 12 1/2”
Price Code : D

Rare Staffordshire spill vase figures
S2776: A rare pair of Staffordshire spill vases figures with a lion and lioness and their cubs and a snake curled around a tree.
Unmarked   Circa 1840 
Height 11 1/2"
Harding Book 2 Plate 3021
Price Code :   D

Pearlware figure of a poacher standing by a tree trunk
S2478: A Derby figure of a “Dresden Shepherdess” with a lamb at her feet and her apron full of flowers and standing on a rococo base.
Patch marks Incised G
Circa 1765 
Height 7 1/2”
Price Code: D
Derby Boy and Girl
S1899:  A rare pair of Derby figures of a Boy and a Girl . He with a macaroni dog and she with a cat.
Reference P. Bradshaw  Derby Porcelain Figures  page 205
Patch marks  and incised No 49 and a G to the base.
Height 5 1/4"
Price Code: F

S1766: Parian Figure
A fine parian bust of a Diana, standing on a fluted column.
English Circa 1860
Height: 42 cm 

Price Code: E

S2817 : A rare Derby candlestick figure of a boy piper decorated in the typical “pale family”palette.
Patch marks Circa 1758 Height 10”
Price Code : E

S2904 : A Derby biscuit figure finely modelled and representing Earth in the form of a gardener from a set on the Elements.
Modelled by Perre Stephan
Incised no 3 and patch marks.
Height 6 1/2"
Price Guide : B

S2910 : A pair of Bow figures representing Spring & Autumn from a set of the Rustic Seasons set on a rococo shaped base.
Unmarked Circa 1765 Height 6 1/2"
Price Guide : D

S2939: A rare pair of Staffordshire cow spill vases in russet and white and with further decoration of thistles beneath them.
The base has the title “Milk sold here” in gilt.
Unmarked Circa 1870
Height 14 1/4” Width 13 1/2”
Price Guide : F

S2961: A late Victorian model of a parrot perched on a stump.
Unmarked Circa 1880 Height 9 1/4”
Price Guide: A
Pearlware figure of a poacher standing by a tree trunk
S2962: A Staffordshire figure of a girl asleep beside a tree with two lambs and a dog and with a snake entwined around a tree above her.
Unmarked Circa 1860 Height`11 1/4”
Price Guide : A
Derby Boy and Girl
S2963: A rare left facing and titled Staffordshire figure of St George slaying a dragon. All other St George figures have him facing to the right.
Unmarked Circa 1880 Height 11 1/2”
Price Guide : A

S2970: A rare red earthenware silver lustre figure of a sailor standing on a rounded base with a jug or money bag in his left hand a a glass in his right.
Unmarked Circa 1820 Height 9 “
Price Guide : A

S2971: A rare red earthenware silver lustre figure of Bacchus with a barrel behind him and with grapes in his right hand and an upheld glass in his left standing on a raised square base.
Unmarked Circa 1820 Height 7 1/2”
Price Guide : A

S2972: A rare red earthenware silver lustre figure of Venus standing on a square canted corner base with her arm around the tail of a dolphin with its head by her feet.
Unmarked Circa 1820 Height 8”
Price Guide : A

S2991: A brightly painted figure of Summer after a Wood model.
Impressed mark Dixon, Austin & C0
Circa 1820 Height 9 1/4”
Price Guide : B

S2992: A classical pearlware figure of Andromache weeping over the ashes of Hector.
Unmarked Circa 1800 Height 9 “
Price Guide B

S2993: A pearlware figure of Medea at the altar of Diana.
Unmarked Circa 1800 Height 7 3/4”
Price Guide B
Pearlware figure of a poacher standing by a tree trunk
S2994: A pearlware figure of Venus with a young child and a dolphin spewing water.
Unmarked Circa 1800 Height 8 1/2”
Price Guide B

S2995: A pearlware figure of Peace
Unmarked Circa 1800 Height 10 1/4”
Price Guide B

S2996: A pearlware figure of Hygieia, the goddess of healing.
Painted mark 60 in red inside base
Circa 1800 Height 9 1/4”
Price Guide B

S2997-3002 : a group of seven small early C 18 th. Staffordshire figures.
Unmarked The highest is 5 “
Price Guide : A each

S3003: A figure of a deer standing on a grassy ground and with flower and leafy bocage behind
Unmarked Circa 1820 Height 6”
Price Guide : A

S3004: A Derby figure of a young Harlequin standing beneath and beside a bocage on a rococo base.
Patch marks Circa 1775
Height 5 1/2Price Guide : B

S3005/6/7: A group of early C 18 th bocaged figures:
A Salt figure “Birds Nest: 6 1/2”
A Walton figure of a farmer 8”
A probable Salt figure of a Show Woman 6 “
Price Guide : A each

S2793: A fine Staffordshire model showing Captain James Cook 1728-1779.Taken from an engraving by W Holl after a painting by Nathaniel Dance RA and executed in 1776.
Unmarked Alpha Factory Circa 1840
Height 7 1/2”
Price Guide : D

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