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S2767: A fine and rare, probably Neale, creamware cup and saucer. Printed with a print of Minerva with symbols of industry and trade and the caption “let wisdom unite us”. Bfurcated strap handle with flower terminuses. Print by Thomas Rothwell. Unmarked Circa 1780

Price Guide : B

S2196: A Turner smear glazed buff coloured stoneware mug with moulded decoration of a tree, a tree and flowers and the central group with cupids and a sheep. Moulded and banded decoration to the base and with a coffee coloured band around the top.
Impressed Turner Circa 1805
Height 6"
Price Code: C

S2579 : A Wrotham style stoneware puzzle jug with a brown glaze from within an inch from the base and with heart and vertical cut out sections to the side and three spouts around the rim.
Height 6 “ Unmarked

Price Guide : A

S2203: A very rare pair of creamware marriage mugs each painted with the names John & Isobella Thompson and dated 1825 together with a verse - "the Lord unite us both in one". Floral decoration painted to either side of the verse and names. Brown rim.
Unmarked Circa 1825
Height 4"
Price Code: F
Masons ironstone inkstand
S2631 : A small creamware flask with a central brown rimmed and dotted cartouche to either side decorated with a basket of roses and other flowers and foliage. Further roses and foliage to the sides.
Circa 1790
Height 5 “
Price Guide : B

S2301: A fine Creamware basket with plum coloured interlaced sides and top edge. The basket moulded base painted with an heraldic crest of a hound and the initials J.H. within a simple floral cartouche.
Possibly Neale Circa 1790
D. 9 3/4”
Price code: E

S2830 : A rare pearlware miniature pink lustre ware mug decorated with a simple pattern.
Unmarked Circa 1830 Height 2”
Price Code : A

Masons ironstone tureen decorated with a blue ground containing iron red flowers and turquoise leaves
S2367: Pearlware Cornucopia Vase. A rare pearlware cornucopia vase decorated with a hatched blue border to the shaped base and a house and garden scene above which is capped by green painted foliage.
English Circa 1790 Height 7 
Price Code: D

S2485: A fine creamware jug with a shaped top and a double entwined and reeded handle with flower and leaf terminals.
Painted to either side with a Chinaman in a garden.
Unmarked Probably Leeds
Circa 1780
Height 5 “
Price Code: D 

S2562: A fine and rare pearlware Pharmacy oil pot with the name “Ol Oliv Opt” with a scrolled ribbon cartouche. A pedestal foot and a mask head moulded to the underside of the spout.
Circa 1810
Height 8”
Price Guide : F

S2563: A Pearlware dish or plaque with a 1” deep rim painted with a brown and stylised floral border. The centre painted with insects surrounding a round cartouche painted with children at play with birds.
Unmarked Circa 1785
Width 11” A hole at the top for hanging. Probably Wedgwood
Price Guide : E

S2678: A creamware jug printed in a brick red to each side with.... an unusual form of the "tea party No 1" and the "Shepherd" .Intertwined strap handles with flower and leaf terminals.
Probably Leeds
Circa 1780
Height 7"
Price Guide : C

S2777: A fine and rare creamware mug printed with a Chinese family scene to one side and fancy birds amongst foliage to the other and decorated rim.
Unmarked Circa 1780 Height 5 3/4” H

Price Guide : C

S2508 : A pink lustre loving cup of waisted form and a brown rim. Two coloured prints of Dr Syntax are shown to each side...“Death of Punch” & “ Dr Syntax copying the wit of the window”.
Unmarked Circa 1880 
Height 4 “
Price Code: B

S2404 : A fine and rare William & Adelaide pottery commemorative jug. A puce print shows the coronation ceremony to each side below the words “ William & Adelaide crowned Sept. 8th 1831”. The crest of England, Scotland & Ireland to the inside edge.
P mark Circa 1841
Height 5”
Price Code: D

S2407: A pearlware jug with prints to either side. One of Knippels Broe (Bridge) and the other of Fredensborg Castle.
Unmarked possibly Danish Circa 1820
Height 6 1/2”
Price Code: B
S2951: A pearlware Char dish with printed and painted around the sides.
Unmarked probably Northern England
Circa 1850 Width 7 1/2”
Price Guide : A
S2952: A sardine box with a ribbed body and lid and the handle formed as a sardine.
The lid and base marked with numerals
5“ wide and 3 “ high Circa late C 19th.
Price Guide : A

S2560: A fine Pearlware commemorative plate with moulded grapes and vines to the border and with a blue print of Princess Charlotte to the centre. The words “ in commemoration of the late and much lamented Princess Charlotte of Saxe Cobourg who departed this life Nov. 6 th 1817.
Width 4 3/4”
Price Guide : B

S2797: A fine quality creamware plate, probably Wedgwood decorated with a green band and entwined laurel border. InD 9 3/4” the centre an armorial crest of a unicorn and the initials PBM within a ribboned and leaf cartouche.
Diam 9 3/4”
“comma” type marks. C 1790
Price Code : B

S2709: A rare creamware frog mug printed and coloured with a scene entitled " Tithe in kind or the sow's revenge" related to the Tithe collecting habits of the vicars and the Tithe Pig print.
Circa 1785
Height 6 1/4"
Price Guide : D

S2919: A pearlware and pink lustre porter mug with prints to either side
Width 4 3/4"
Height 4 1/4"
Price Guide : A

S2732: A creamware mug printed with a scene of a couple dancing inside a pub with other figures seated and a fiddler supplying the music.The Flowing Cann was on sheet music published by Charles Dibdin in 1793.
Circa 1795
Height 6 "
Price Guide: D

S2733: A delightful small creamware mug streaked with brown ,blue-grey and green in a Whiledon style.Set on a flared base and with a grooved strap handle pinched at the lower terminal.
Circa 1765
Height 2 5/8"
Price Guide : D

S2734: A large pearlware dish , probably Herculaneum or Swansea , with a moulded and gilt trimmed edge and with an armorial set in a wreath and floral cartouche and with this surrounded with floral sprigs and classical urns.Probably for a noble European family. Unmarked
Circa 1790
Width 11 3/4"
Price Guide: C

S2735: A rare Mason's Ironstone plate with a green ,gilt and floral border and with an crest to the centre of a print of a crowned and winged eagle on a sheaf or wheat and with a scene of a huntsman blowing a horn in sepia and with 1838 date
Diam 9 1/4"
Price Guide : B

S2739: A Spode New Stone armorial plate decorated by C & G. A brown rim to the edge enclosing scattered floral sprays. The centre with the coat of arms of the Marquess & Earl of Ely,Viscount & Baron Loftus.The motto Prend Moy Tel Que Je Sui..take me such as I am.
Spode New Stone impressed & C & G
Late Spode Circa 1830 Width 9"

Price Code: A

C 100 : A Ridgway brown stoneware mug with sprigged classical decoration in white.
Pad mark
Circa 1820
Height 3 1/2”

Price code : A

S2921: A copper lustre mug with a decorative handle and printed with "The Good Samaratin" print.
Unmarked Circa 1820
Height 3"
Price Guide : A

S2927: A Prattware mug with a malachite ground colour and with an irregularly shaped gilt lined octagonal cartouche showing an image "The Jolly Topers".
Circa 1850
Height 5"
Price Guide : A
S2763: A glazed stoneware tobacco pot with a tin lid painted cream. A brown band around the top and inner rim and with floral moulding above a cartouche with GOLDEN FLAKE in gilt with the Royal coat of arms below.
Unmarked Circa 1890 Height 8 3/8
Price Code: B
S2766: A stoneware childs mug with a light brown glaze and sprigged with a farmer on a horse , a windmill and a toper. The word Roy Gore from Granma printed in black.A greyhound moulded handle.
Unmarked Circa 1870 Height 4

Price Guide: A
S2784: A rare round pottery pot or jug printed in black and with a heart shaped cartouche to the front containing the words “ Blue Stone Cottage Ezra Bull 1834”
Unmarked Circa 1834 Height 6 1/2

Price Code: C
S2960: A Minton printed and enamelled earthenware plate from the “Game service” designed by William Stephen Coleman.
Impressed Minton’s and year cypher for 1880 Pattern C 2339. Reg Loz.
Diam. 23 cms.
Price Guide : B
S2783: A rare Leeds miniature creamware coffee pot simply decorated with gilt floral sprays and gilt rims and with a bifurcated strap handle and a flower and leaf finial.
Unmarked Circa 1790 Height 5
Price Code: C
S2840: A creamware syrup drug pot with a round body with a short round spout and standing on a pedestal base.
Unmarked Circa 1810
Height 6 1/2”
Price Code : C
S2978: A small ceramic Perfume Brick. Used to be soaked with perfume or cologne and used as a deodorant amongst ones clothing
Made by ?
Circa 1900 length 1 7/8"
Price Guide : A
S2922: A Victorian copper lustre jug with a band of blue to the middle and with relief moulded and painted birds and flowers.
Unmarked Circa 1860 Height 6"
Price Guide : A
S2924: A pink lustre mug with lustre lined rim and base . The centre with relief moulded cherubs with a chariot and a goat and the front with relief moulded classical urn and flowers all on a blue ground.
Unmarked Circa 1850 Height 3 3/4"
Price Guide A
S2925: A small pink lustre jug the front painted and printed with the words “ Forget me not” within a floral wreath.
Unmarked Circa 1860 Height 2 3/4”
Price Guide : A

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