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S2756: A Worcester press moulded butter boat painted with the “Butter Boat Mansfield” pattern BFS 1E2.
Workmans mark
Circa 1758
Length 3 1/4

Price Code: C

S2289: A Lowestoft tea bowl and saucer painted with the “ Mansfield “ pattern.
Crescent mark to saucer
Circa 1775

Price Code: E
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug

S2516: A Derby blue and white basket with double handles with flowers and leaves terminals and with an oriental garden scene painted to the base. Lattice work sides with flowers at the intersections. 
Circa 1768 
Width 6 3/4”
Price code : F

S2771: A rare miniature Caughley sparrow beak jug printed with the “Fisherman” pattern.
S Mark Circa 1775 Height 2
Price Code: D

S2543: A rare Caughley asparagus server painted with chantilly sprigs.
Circa 1785
Length 7.5 cm
Price Code : C

S2341: A rare Derby blue and white pickle dish with a shaped and serrated edge. A rose and other flowers painted to the centre and vein moulding to the back.
Unmarked Circa 1768 Length 4 1/4
Price code : D
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug
S2358: WORCESTER sauce boat. A Worcester strap moulded sauce boat painted with the Fisherman and Billboard Island pattern IB15 .
Open crescent mark
Circa 1760 Length 7 3/4”
Price code : E
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug

S2594 : A rare Worcester tea bowl and saucer painted with the “ Gazebo” pattern ( B.F.S IB7)
Workmans mark to saucer
Circa 1758

Price Guide E

Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug

S2679: A Caughley miniature tea bowl and saucer painted in blue with the "Island" pattern ‘S’ mark to tea bowl
Circa 1780
Width of saucer: 2 3/4"
Price Guide : B

Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug
S2383: A Lowestoft creamer of “Low Chelsea Ewer” shape with a moulded body and painted in under glaze blue with flowers and leaves.
Unmarked Circa 1768
Width 3 1/2”
Price code : E
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug
S2442: A Worcester sauce boat with different mouldings to either side . One panel painted with the Zig-Zag Fence pattern and the other with a spray of flowers and an insect. Further decoration to the inside edge and handle.
Workmans mark Circa 1755
Length 7 1/2”
Price code : F
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug
SC104 : A Bow powder blue decorated plate with fan and round shaped panels to the border housing flowers and pagoda scenes and with the centre painted with a pavilion in a garden setting.
Mock Oriental marks
Circa 1763 Diam. 7 “
Price Code : C
Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug
S2706:  A rare Worcester conucopia of press moulded form and painted with the " Cornucopia Prunus" pattern ( B.F. & S. IE18 ) Unusual workman's mark to the back.
Workmans mark 
Circa  1758
Length  11 1/2"
Price Guide : E

S2804: A Caughley cup and saucer printed with the Fisherman pattern.
S Mark Circa 1780
Price Code : B

S2989: A rare blue and white Caughley spittoon decorated with the “Stalked Fruit” pattern.
Unmarked Circa 1776 Height 4 1/4”
Price Guide : E

S2990: A Worcester slop bowl printed with a very clear print of the “ Fisherman” or “Pleasure Boat” pattern.
Unmarked Circa 1775
Width 6 1/2”
Price Guide : B

S2932 : A small Caughley leaf shaped pickle dish decorated with a print of the "Fisherman" or "Pleasure Boat" pattern
Unmarked Circa 1780 Length 3 "
Price Guide : B


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